EU Regulation on Ship Recycling (EU SRR)

Training course providing knowledge how the EU regulation on ship recycling will affect the owners of EU flagged ships.

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Environmental Protection


To provide guidance on how to comply with EU Regulation on Ship Recycling.

Entrance regulations


Who should attend:
Shipping Companies: Technical directors (CTO), managing directors (CEO), superintendent, fleet manager, chief operating officer, quality manager
Ship Recycling Facilities: Safety Officers, EMS representative, managing directors (CEO)
Authorities: PSCO, Health and Safety Inspectorates, Ministries
HazMat Experts

Duration: 1 day

The EU ship recycling regulation (EU SRR) will affect the owners of EU flagged ships and ships visiting EO ports earlier than the Hong Kong Convention.
This course presents the timeline and some new tasks for the affected parties because while the new regulation is similar to the Hong Kong Convention it has some additional requirements.
After a quick introduction to the ship recycling industry, participants will be briefed about the requirements of the new EU ship recycling regulation, inluding some details about the time frame and new tasks. Parties most affected by the new regulation include:

  • Ship owners - need to have their IHM earlier than expected with the Hong Kong Convention.
  • Ship Recycling Facilities - need to prepare if they wish to appear on the EU list
  • Maritime authorities - need to be prepared to check the IHM and its certification
  • HazMat Experts - need to be aware of new challenges when preparing an IHM according to the EU Regulation
  • Other interested parties include managers making decisions about future investments related to compliance with upcoming laws and regulations.
    The course comprises a presentation and an interpretation of the regulation and is consolidated by case studies. After the course participants will know when requirements of the EU regulation will become mandatory, and will have received clear guidance on how to comply within given time frames.

The course focuses on:

  • Requirements of the EU Regulation compared to those of the Hong Kong Convention
  • Milestones for compliance with the EU SRR
  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) with two additional materials
  • Ship owner/ Designated person relationship for maintenance of IHM
  • Similarities with other regulations (SOLAS and MARPOL)
  • Introduction of IHM GREEN SERVER (IGS) Software

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