Gas transport training course (5 days)

This 5 day training course provides a general overview of all relevant aspects of the transmission and distribution of natural gas.

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Training Information

  • Duration:

    5 days


The worldwide importance of gas in the energy mix is expected to increase, in the mid to long term, as new gas fields are discovered and new production methods are developed. Future gas will be coming from a variety of new sources, in the form of LNG, biogas or shale gas.  

Changes in operational envelope, greater complexity of the network and stricter safety regimes will pose challenges to the performance and cost-effectiveness of integrity management systems. Demand and supply meet commercially on the gas trading market and physically and technically in  the infrastructure.  

This course provides a general overview of all relevant aspects of the transmission and distribution of natural gas, with a main focus on the technical part.  


  • After attending this course, you will have gained:  
  • both practical and theoretical knowledge of all technical  aspects of gas transport on a general level  
  • an overview of state-of-the-art techniques in gas transmission  
  • knowledge of the technical lay-out of gas transmission systems  
  • insight in the processes in place to enable a safe, reliable  and efficient gas transport.  

At the same time, this course will give you the opportunity to set requirements and opportunities for your own particular services and/or products you (could) offer to the gas transmission industry. This training course is available upon request in English or Dutch. Content, location and duration can be adapted to your specific wishes. It is therefore possible to focus on specific modules of the training course. Please contact us for more information.


This mainly technical oriented training course is set up around a number of key aspects of gas transport, such as the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of gas transmission and distribution systems and the related technical, economical and financial aspects.

Target audience: 

Employees, working in the field of (natural) gas transport, for example transport and distribution companies, utilities, shippers, regulators, or construction and engineering firms.


English or Dutch