Hacker Detection and Emergency Response Training for IT Administrators

Training course about hacker detection and Emergency Response actions/counter-measures to fight cyber security attacks.

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Risk & Emergencies


The participants will learn about hacker detection and Emergency Response actions/counter-measures to fight cyber security attacks.

Entrance regulations

IT knowledge

Who should attend:
Senior IT executives, information security officers, system administrators, application administrators

Duration: 2 days

The course analyses modern threat detection techniques and appropriate methods of reaction to achieve the best possible management of security incidents in information systems and networks within an organization.

During the course practical techniques are presented that can be used by trainees to locate a breach in their organisation’s information systems and networks. The course also includes on-site demonstrations of attacks, system infection and ways to identify infected systems and isolate them and collecting evidence, as well as first level response procedures to address security incidents. 

On completing this training program, participants will be fully aware of the threats, understand how a malicious attacker can exploit their system weaknesses, how they can locate a breach in their systems and how to react to a first level incident response.

This course is developed and offered in cooperation with ASPIDA Cyber Security.

The course focuses on:

  • Information security planning
  • Risks and threats
  • Attacking methodology
  • Security controls
  • Web application attacks
  • Incident response methodology
  • Lab preparation - an introduction to Back Dooring Operating Systems
  • Network investigation tools
  • Windows system investigation suites
  • Windows advanced tools

This classroom training expands and complements DNV GL's Maritime Cyber Security Services

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