Hull Inspection and Repairs - Survey Simulator Practice

Training to improve the quality of hull inspections

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    Survey simulators


The purpose of this training is to improve the quality of your hull inspections, enhance your ability to evaluate the criticality of structural defects and improve reporting skills. During the course you will learn the basic functions of a ship’s hull. Through the course, you are introduced to the basic strength theory in a way that is simple but suitable for understanding the structural response of complex ship structures. Ship-type specific modules discuss structural functions and typical hull damages.

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Who should attend:
Technical Managers, Fleet Managers, Superintendents, Ship officers, Ship repair yards technical staff, Hull inspectors, Hull designers

Duration: 3 days

The course consists of a lecture, discussions and individual practical exercises using Survey Simulator Software.

The course focuses on:

  • Simple beam theory and global hull strength
  • Structural connections - transfer of forces between structural elements
  • Hull damages: cracks, indents, buckling, corrosion
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Material’s issues
  • Reporting principles
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Interactive exercises using Survey Simulator

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