Hull Structure and Strength - Concept and Rules

Training course focussing on class systematic, hull structure and force flow, strength concept and design points, general hull rules.

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To understand general information on shipbuilding, class systematic, ship’s operation condition and critical points, hull structure and force flow, strength concept & design points, general hull rules and the background, etc.

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Who should attend:
All engineers working in shipping/shipbuilding (Design, production, QC & Supervisors) New designers in basic design departments

Duration: 3 days

The course focuses on:

  • Maritime Regime
    - Class Systematic & its role
    - The importance of ship’s operational aspects and critical points in designs
    - Organisation of maritime regime and its effect on shipyard
    - Overview & background of various conventions
  • Hull strength basic
    - Shipbuilding trend
    - Ship’s operation and typical damages
    - Hierarchy of hull structure & strength
    - Strength criteria & requirements
    - Hull steel materials logic
  • Practical design aspects
    - Background of prescriptive rule requirement
    - Welding and detail construction design
    - Inspection & N.D.T.

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