Hydrogen induced stress cracking (HISC) design and material consideration course (1 day)

This HISC course is based on DNVGL-RP-F112 'Duplex stainless steel - design against hydrogen induced stress cracking'.

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Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 days

  • Delegate info:

    NOK 6 500

  • Additional information:

    10% discount for companies with 2 or more participants on this course. Deadline for enrollment: One week before course start.

Course description

A large research and testing effort over the past five years has clarified the limitations of duplex materials with regards to subsea use. This knowledge has been used as the basis for DNV GL recommended practice DNVGL-RP-F112, which provides design guidelines. The RP presents HISC as a separate failure mode, which should be analysed for duplex components used subsea. The design requirements in the RP include stress and strain limits, as well as a number of other factors.

Learning objective

  • Obtain a basic understanding of the risk factors for HISC
  • Obtain a basic understanding of the HISC failure mechanisms
  • Obtain an understanding of the design requirements in DNVGL-RP-F112
  • Go through the design of a simple piping system and a simple component design using FE following the requirements in DNVGL-RP-F112.

Target group

  • Subsea design engineers, involved with duplex components
  • Materials engineers, who want to understand the HISC failure mode
  • Project engineers involved in manufacturing and fabrication.