Incident investigation course

Learning from experiences through incident investigation is a fundamental element in any safety management system. In order to appropriately implement an incident investigation process, key personnel require basic knowledge about investigation principles and a tool-box containing a set of incident analysis methods. Ultimately, this course contributes to improving the quality of investigations performed.

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Training Information

Course description

The incident investigation course gives an overview and basic knowledge of incident investigation; theory, approach, investigation process (e.g. setting up investigation team, mandate), methods and tools, and reporting of incidents (including follow-up). The course can be tailor made in terms of duration, level of detail, and according to company requirements.

Learning objectives

The objectives of an incident investigation training course is to offer course participants the following:

  1. A basic understanding of incident investigation theory and principles
  2. Knowledge of investigation requirements (e.g. in accordance with company requirements)
  3. An overview of incident investigation methods and tools
  4. Practical exercises in accident investigation practices (e.g. interview practices, group work).

In addition, methods such as BSCAT, MSCAT etc. can be included in the training as per request. It could also be combined with Synergi Life training. Please contact us for tailor made training for your organisation.

Target audience

Investigators, HSE engineers/advisors, safety leaders, line managers etc. within the oil and gas industry.