Internal Auditor ISM

Training course providing an understanding of auditing techniques, processes and management of an internal auditing program.

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    Competence & Qualification


Participants will receive a sound understanding of auditing techniques and processes as well as management of an internal auditing program. Participants will also gain an appreciation for the role and importance of internal auditing programs within the maritime industry as related to Safety and Quality Management systems.

Entrance regulations

Knowledge of ISM Code requirements

Who should attend:
Internal auditors and managers within shipping and associated companies who are responsible for determining, measuring and monitoring safety performance and any continuous improvement programs. Individuals seeking interpretation of ISM Code requirements and knowledge of auditing principles. Senior and junior officers onboard who are members of an audit team Employees at P&I and Hull Clubs conducting external audits of shipping companies

Duration: 2 days

Effective implementation and verification of the efficiency of a (safety) management system requires periodical internal audits. The approach and scope of an audit differs widely from an inspection.
The first part of the auditing process resembles an inspection activity (verification of compliance and identification of non-conformities).
This course will provide shipping and offshore company employees with the knowledge and tools necessary for performing and managing internal auditing procedures. Verification principles and methods for implementation of both formal and informal audit procedures will be examined and applied.

The course focuses on:

  • Definitions and objectives
  • Safety Requirements
  • Experience Feedback/ISM Implementation
  • Internal Auditing Requirements
  • Audit procedure and tools
  • Audit conduct and techniques
  • Typical problem areas
  • PSC Detentions/Experience Feedback
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Communication Skills

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