Leadership and Teamwork in Shipping

Training course on evaluating and reflecting on the communication strategies and some new approaches that may be more effective in handling certain people or situations.

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    Business skills


This course gives you the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the communication strategies you are currently using in your role as a leader. You will be introduced to some new approaches that may be more effective in handling certain people or situations and have the chance to try them out for yourself. You will leave the course feeling better equipped to manage tricky team situations and more secure in your ability to deal with them thanks to the insights and new tools that you have learnt.

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Who should attend:
Managers and future managers working in the maritime industry

Duration: 1 day

How do you set up a team that will be effective? How can you select the right people, generate a team spirit, keep the momentum rolling and who will be the one to lead the team? Particularly in an environment where physical harm or even death is possible due to accidents at sea or in the port, high quality leadership and teamwork are of utmost importance today.

After your active participation in this course you will have a broad understanding of leadership and teamwork in different environments and understand the power of good leadership and team building in the framework of Human Factors in the maritime domain.

The course focuses on:

  • Communication as a leader
  • The demands of simple and complex leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Your own potential within a team
  • Communication in HSE Risk Management
  • Various tools of leadership and teamwork
  • How to generate enthusiasm and trust
  • Adjusting your leadership style with regards to team needs

This module will be delivered by trainers from VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services: www.venlys.com

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