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Modern safety management (MSM) is the foundation course for the most current, practical, safety and loss control management concepts, practices, and applications.

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Training Information

  • Duration:

    4.5 Days

  • Delegate info:

    2,500 + 10% VAT

This course has been widely attended by key operating managers, safety and health professionals, and other managers and supervisors from around the world.
An effective safety and loss control management system that is fully integrated with other business functions such as quality, production, and environmental control have been shown to significantly reduce losses from injury, illness, property damage, fire and explosions, environmental pollution, quality problems, and other accidents.  This course is of 4.5 days duration.

Learning objectives
The objective of MSM is to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques for the integration of safety and loss control into your other management systems, not separating them as a unique area of concern.

Who should attend?
Participants would be key operating managers, safety and health professionals, quality or environmental management system managers, and supervisors of operations where hazards exist in the workplace.  MSM is also a prerequisite course for those who wish to qualify and attend the DNV Accredited Safety Auditor (ASA) training for ISRS6.

Course contents
Through effective use of two instructors, group exercises, case studies and video, participants will learn the “why” and “how to” of a wide range of topics essential to reducing accidents and losses in the workplace. Reducing accidents and losses is the essence of MSM. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Key concepts in safety and loss control management, including the DNV Loss Causation Model, the Accident Ratio Study, HSEQ measurement techniques, and the hidden costs of accidental losses
  • How to integrate HSEQ and loss control into your existing management system 
  • How to apply systematic causal analysis techniques to investigations of any undesired events 
  • How to identify loss exposures and how to prevent them from occurring or recurring 
  • How to measure HSEQ management system performance 
  • How to promote HSEQ / loss control concepts to the workforce 
  • How to conduct effective accident and incident investigations 
  • How to supervise to ensure maximum job safety, quality, and efficiency 
  • How to get the best out of people through proper motivational techniques 
  • How to identify, evaluate, and control property damage, waste, product loss, etc. 
  • How to conduct planned inspections 
  • How to write procedures and work instructions.

Why choose DNV GL?
DNV GL has extensive experience in the provision of HSEQ management services, and we also offer training, consulting, assessments, and certification in the HSEQ management topics discussed in the Modern Safety Management course.
Managing occupational HSEQ risks is ambitious, yet achievable; a sharing of safe practices, equipment, materials, and the ambition to succeed.  Most of all, it is a team effort between us and our customers that not only reaches the expected norms, but reaches beyond it – beyond compliance -- in order to ensure quality and to create business advantage for every organization that we work with.