MOU Superintendent Course

Training course helping superintendents to cover MOU in operation related topics.

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    Competence & Qualification


The purpose of this course is to help superintendents and other personnel involved with Mobile Offshore Units (MOU) achieve a general understanding of the regulatory principles and applicable requirements related to classification and flag state & shelf state regimes.

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Who should attend:
The course is aimed at both experienced and less experienced personnel involved in MOU management and operation, and in particular: OIMs, operation engineers, rig managers/asset managers, technical support (rig owners/managers), marine superintendents/supervisors

Duration: 2 days

Mobile Offshore Units are becoming increasingly sophisticated and their operation is getting more complex. Superintendents therefore play a critical role in MOU management, ensuring safe and efficient operations and ultimately economic success. The superintendent's ability to grasp the full extent of the regulatory regime, identify hazards, analyse the risks, evaluate the different options and take further action, determines the future success and even survival of the company.

The course focuses on:

  • The maritime safety regime
  • Interrelation between MOU owners, class societies, insurers, flag authorities and shelf state authorities
  • The role of class societies and class systematic
  • Practical implications of statutory and shelf regulations
  • Hull inspectionsl
  • Mooring systems
  • Machinery systems
  • Electrical and instrumentation systems
  • Special class notations (e.g. DRILL, PROD)
  • Management systems (ISM and ISPS)
  • Rules & regulations updates and foresight
  • Lay-up and re-activation of units
  • Survey principles and schemes, smart classification using digital solutions

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