Optimizing Waste Management on board - Operational and Technical Management Issues

Training course providing guidance on how to comply with garbage management requirements of MARPOL Annex V.

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Environmental Protection


Upon the completion of the course, the participants will have a thorough knowledge of the regulations of Annex V of MARPOL and be able to identify opportunities for further improving the current garbage management plan and implement actions that can easily ensure compliance and an environmentally sound waste management in harmony with the established environmental standards of the company.

Entrance regulations

Good knowledge about the normal operation and maintenance of a vessel.

Who should attend:
Shipping Companies: Management: Tech. Director (CTO), Managing Director (CEO), HR Manager, Assistance;
Inspection: Superintendent, Fleet Manager, Chief Operating Officer;
Quality / ISM: Quality Manager, Internal Auditor, Designated Person, Environmental Officer;
Crewing: Crewing Manager, Assistance;
On Board Personnel: Nautical Officers, Engineers, Rating
Ports and Terminals: Management: Tech. Director (CTO), Managing Director (CEO);
Quality: Quality/Environmental Manager

Duration: 1 day

Garbage management remains a critical area for ship operators due to the increased concern of coastal states about marine pollution, the lack of reception facilities in many ports around the world, the existence of national requirements for the management of some special waste streams and the difficulties encountered by crews when trying to properly manage garbage on their ships. In addition, there are still types of garbage for which an agreement at the international level has not yet been reached to help ships and the crews effectively deal with their management such as the used cooking oils, plastics containing heavy metals, etc. Designed with the needs of shore-based ship management staff in mind, particularly those involved in the environmental management and operation of vessels, as well as Masters and Officers, the course comprises practical exercises using case studies to simulate the management of garbage and recordkeeping, in addition to the usual presentation format. The course covers the most important aspects of the regulations including the new categorization of ship-generated garbage, the roles of officers and crew members and the obligations for recordkeeping. It also explains ways to identify and manage waste streams that might be hazardous for the crew and those requiring segregation and special handling prior to their disposal. Although there is no requirement for approval or recognition of such a course by a flag state, this should be regarded as a dedicated training programme to facilitate garbage management on board the vessel and to ensure compliance with pollution prevention regulations. The course provides advice on best available options for garbage management aimed at achieving a higher level of protection for the environment and lays down principles that should be applied once waste is generated to prevent risks to human health.

The course focuses on:

  • Requirements of the revised Annex V of MARPOL
  • Definitions, examples, quantities of ship-generated garbage
  • Discharge of garbage within and outside Special Areas
  • Requirements for Garbage Management Plans, Placards and Record Books
  • Optimizing garbage management
  • Management of cargo residues and washing water
  • Garbage treatment equipment (incinerators, recycling)
  • Disposal of garbage in ports and handling of special garbage such as batteries, medical waste, etc.
  • Emerging needs of waste management: biowaste, potentially hazardous waste, used cooking oil, various disposal options, etc.

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