Planning and Execution of Marine Operations - DNVGL-ST-N001 A Worldwide Standard for Marine Operations

Training course to efficiently plan, design/verify and execute marine operations acc. to the requirements defined in DNVGL-ST-N001

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Training Information

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    Offshore Maritime Training


The course objective is to provide an overview of the latest version of DNVGL-ST-N001 standard, and to enable participants to apply it efficiently in planning, designing/verification and execution of marine operations.

Entrance regulations

Basic knowledge of marine operations and the standard DNVGL-ST-N001

Who should attend:
Energy Companies: Project managers and company representatives; Marine Contractors: Project managers, mariners, superintendents and engineers; Marine Warranty Surveyors: Approval engineers, surveyors

Duration: 2 days

This course will walk participants through planning and operational stages in typical offshore marine operation projects. The course content is valid for marine operations related to all kind of assets such as offshore platforms and offshore windfarms. 

The course starts with common topics for all marine operation, key requirements in the planning and engineering phase. Design versus operational limitations and structural design in marine operations are thoroughly covered. 

The operation specific part of the course consists of typical marine operation sequence: Load out, transport (including towing) and offshore lifting. For each operation, important aspects of both engineering and operation will be addressed.

We will also discuss requirements to documentation of marine operations for MWS approval. 

The course focuses on:

  • Sec. 1 Introduction
  • Sec. 2 Planning and execution
  • Sec. 3 Environmental conditions and criteria
  • Sec. 5 Loading and structural strength
  • Sec. 10 Load out
  • Sec. 11 Sea Voyages
  • Sec. 16 Lifting operations

Course method: 

The main part of the course is lecturing based on power point presentations including instructive pictures and short films. The course also introduces group discussion and exercises as pedagogical considerations to facilitate efficient learning. There is sufficient time for questions and advising between each topic. Participants are welcomed to discuss their actual problems related to their daily work.


The participants will receive a free 3-months licence to get access to the digital version of DNVGL-ST-N001 and N002.

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