Planning and Managing a Drydocking for Superintendents

Training course that covers all aspects of planning and managing a docking project from A to Z.

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Too many docking projects end with major cost overruns and delays, wasting both time and money for the shipowner. This course enables the participants to plan and manage a docking project from A to Z and re-deliver the ship on time and on budget with the right level of quality to ensure carefree future operation.

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Who should attend:
Superintendents, Fleet Managers, Senior Management, Officers and Engineers

Duration: 3 days

Planning and managing a drydocking is very different from a superintendent’s daily work, which typically consists of juggling a myriad of urgent issues. A drydocking is a specific task conducted over a concentrated timeframe and requires a different project-based approach. This course will enable the participants to plan and manage such major projects, including how to handle the risks.
This three-day practical course starts with an introduction to drydocking as well as general project management topics. It then takes participants through the entire practical process from the planning and pre-arrival stages to the actual docking and repair. The course ends with the oft neglected task of capturing the knowledge and data generated in a post-docking report.
When things go wrong during a docking project the cause always lies with poor planning, which opens the door to technical surprises. This course therefore covers such potential surprises in detail. Designed in close co-operation with many shipping companies, and drawing on many years of practical experience, the course is highly interactive and encourages a lively exchange of ideas and experiences for the mutual benefit of all attendees.

The course focuses on:

  • Planning
  • Project management and control
  • Project risk management
  • Cost control
  • Contract
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Repair Specification
  • Tendering
  • The practical phases of a docking project
  • Pitfalls
  • Final invoice negotiations
  • Undocking and departure
  • Best practices, software tools and templates
  • Practical, relevant cases

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