Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) Training Course

Training course qualifying participants as Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO).

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To provide training to obtain an internationally recognised qualification as Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO).

Entrance regulations

Basic knowledge of port operation and basic security awareness on Port Facilities

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Duration: 3 days

This module provides the participants with comprehensive knowledge to enable them to take on the duties and responsibilities as defined in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.
Practical case studies are used to illustrate possible measures to comply with the maritime security requirements.
This course meets the requirements of the ISPS Code and the requirements specified in the IMO Model course 3.21 (2015 ed.) for Port Facility Security Officer.

The course focuses on:

  • Understanding the ISPS Code
  • Assessment of security risks, threats and vulnerability
  • Developing, maintaining and supervising the implementation of a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP)
  • Conducting periodic inspections of the port for which the participant is designated to act as the Port Facility Security Officer to ensure appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained
  • Ensuring that security equipment and systems, if any, are properly operated, tested and calibrated
  • Encouraging security awareness and vigilance
  • Identifying weapons and improvised explosive devices
  • Security training, drills and exercises

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