SE-24 Advanced use of Sesam for fixed structures

The training covers advanced use of relevant modules for analysis of fixed structures

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Advanced use of Sesam for fixed structures training

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Prerequisite:

    SE-01 Concept based FE modelling and analysis using Sesam - Introductory, and preferably SE-04 Concept based FE modelling of shell structures - Advanced.

  • Course:

    SE-24 Advanced use of Sesam for fixed structures


The course covers advanced use of the relevant modules for analysis of fixed structues.

Topics include:

  • Scripting in GeniE
  • Superelement technique: Jacket inplace analysis
  • Superelement technique: Dynamic analysis
  • Mesh control and rigid links
  • Managing work flow using Sesam Manager
  • Tension/compression only elements- transportation analysis (optional)
  • Analysis with different boundary conditions
  • Modelling errors in GeniE
  • Model import from Rhino3d/DXF Curves (optional)

Learning objectives

To be agreed by the participants and DNV GL.

Target group

Advanced Sesam users doing offshore structural engineering.