SE-26 JScripting in GeniE

Become a more efficient user of Sesam using JScript

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JScripting in GeniE

Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 day

  • Prerequisite:

    SE-01 Concept based FE modelling and analysis using GeniE - Introductory and SE-04 Concept based FE modelling of shell structures - Advanced, or SE-09 Jacket analysis.

  • Course:

    SE-26 JScripting in GeniE


The course will give you an overview in how to use JScript to become a more efficient user of Sesam.
Workshops and presentations in how to use JScript and how to create scripts to perform generic tasks are included.
The course material also include a small library of sample scripts for differenct purposes.

Learning objectives

You will learn how to become a more efficient user of Sesam using JScript.

Target group

Advanced Sesam software users.

SE-26 JScripting in GeniE