Smart Use of Class – Explore the Benefits (Survey Simulator Supported Course)

Course providing knowledge on how to optimize cooperation with a class society to be more efficient, reduce class costs and utilize time effecively.

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    Survey simulators


The aim of the training is to provide participants with knowledge on how to optimize cooperation with a class society in order to be more efficient, reduce class direct and indirect costs, utilize time effectively, plan and manage your work using all the help available.

Questions such as how to ensure quality of surveys which may affect safety and costs in ship's operation, how to plan the works and achieve efficient fleet management will be answered. Tips and solutions for superintendents, ship owner's representatives will be provided.

Entrance regulations

It is assumed that participants hold significant competence prior to course, and many issues must be seen as extension, clarifications, refreshing and updates.

Who should attend:
Personnel involved in ship management, in particular ship owners’ superintendents

Duration: 3 days

Our step by step guidance covers the following, presenting hints and tips focusing on efficient cooperation aimed at saving resources:

  • Class and statutory background
  • How to read, understand, use and comply with rules and regulations
  • What are ship's managers' and class roles and obligations
  • Which class notations and survey arrangements to choose
  • What are similiarities and differences between class societies
  • How to schedule and plan surveys
  • When to dry-dock a ship, how to survey and repair ship afloat
  • How to complete hull surveys in the most efficient way
  • How to avoid a situation of having a ship being targeted by PSC, Flag and class
  • How to prepare for and comply with retroactive requirements
  • How to deal with damages
  • When and how to use laid-up operational status
  • How to communicate with class and use class software systems and database
  • How to reduce class surveys costs
  • How to do smart survey booking
  • How the electronic certificates work

There will be room for discussion of the cases participants face in daily ship management related to class.

In order to make the training efficient and practical we use SuSi – Survey Simulator for practical exercising of chosen topic areas during the course. SurveySimulator, is an innovative solution helping to train in carrying out visual inspections in more comprehensive, efficient and safe way. SurveySimulator makes practical training possible without leaving classroom.

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