Superintendent Course

Training course helping superintendents to achieve compliance of requirements related to class, flag state & port state.

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Training Information

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    Competence & Qualification


Upon completion of this course, the participants should, in general terms, be able to explain:

  • The interrelation between ship owners, class societies, insurers, flag authorities, and last but not least, port state authorities
  • The role of class societies
  • How class works and how to find related information using, for example, legacy DNV Exchange
  • Practical implications of statutory regulations and important issues in Rules & Regulations to come
  • A practical understanding of hull strength, stresses, corrosion and fatigue
  • Hull and Machinery surveillance schemes
  • Management systems, ISM and ISPS

Entrance regulations

Significant competence prior to the course, many issues must be seen as clarifications, refreshers and updates.

Who should attend:
The course is aimed at personnel involved in ship management, and in particular ship owners' superintendents.

Duration: 3 days

Superintendents play a critical role in ship management. Ships are increasing in sophistication and the operation of ships is getting more complex.
To secure safe and efficient operations and achieve economic success, shipping companies rely on superintendents. A superintendent's ability to identify hazards, analyze risks, identify and evaluate options and take action, determines the flow of the shipping process. The course contains topics related to Ships in Operation, such as classification systematics, damage to hull, CAP, machinery surveys, port state inspections, and international regulations such as MARPOL, SOLAS, ISM, etc.
The course is in English or the local language with group exercises, discussions and an exam. The main purpose of the course is to help superintendents efficiently achieve compliance of applicable requirements related to class, flag state & port state.

The course focuses on:

  • Exchange and Class Systematics
  • Machinery Surveys Arrangements
  • Hull strength, ESP, CAS & CAP
  • Port State Control
  • ISM & ISPS
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