SY-13 Atmospheric storage tank (AST) RBI training

This course will give an introduction to inspection management and how Risk Based Inspection (RBI) supports an effective inspection management process

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Atmospheric storage tank AST RBI training

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Prerequisite:

    An evaluation version of Synergi Plant - RBI AST will be installed on the participants computers in advance

  • Course:

    SY-13 Atmospheric storage tank (AST) RBI training


This course will give a brief introduction to risk based inspection (RBI) management and how RBI supports an effective inspection management process, combined with hands-on exercises with the basics of the calculations, methodologies and standards for storage tank RBI. The course will help you understand the RBI AST principles and enable you to conduct RBI for an above-ground storage tank. The Synergi Plant - RBI AST software will be used to illustrate the calculations.

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to inspection management philosophies and sound work processes
  • Introduction to RBI AST methodology
  • AST bottom assessment - consequences, internal and external thinning, risk and inspection planning according to API 581
  • AST shell assessment features (AST consequences, internal shell thinning, external thinning, internal stress corrosion cracking and brittle fracture) according to API 581
  • AST Roof EEMUA 159 evaluation model
  • RBI AST data management
  • Case studies and exercises with new tanks and old tanks with inspection history

Learning objectives

Give you insight to widely recognized principles for storage tanks inspection management. Understand the RBI AST principles and basic methodology. Perform standard RBI AST calculations with concrete examples. Establish optimized inspection plans based on risk targets.

Target group

It is suitable for integrity, inspection and maintenance engineers and managers considering application of RBI storage tanks.

SY-13 Atmospheric storage tank (AST) RBI training