SY-30 Synergi Gas Customer Management module

This training takes you through almost every step for running the Synergi Gas Customer Management module

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Synegi Gas - Customer Management

Training Information

  • Duration:

    1 day

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  • Course:

    SY-30 Synergi Gas Customer Management module


This is a hands-on training taking you through almost every required step for running the Synergi Gas Customer Management module. You will have your own Oracle schema to import customer and weather data into. We will discuss how the Customer Management module determines load factors, and the tools available for you to assess the results. The two most common methods of customer assignment will be used, and looking into working with customer data from within Synergi Gas. Most of the training will be spent working with the Customer Management module from the standpoint of an initial run, but we will conclude the training looking at how things change when you are in 'update' mode instead. We will use the latest version of the Synergi Gas Customer Management module  for this training.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the data requirements for running the Synergi Gas customer management module successfully
  • Determine formatting or data errors that prevent the import from completing
  • Generation and analysis of load factors for all customer types
  • How to apply the customer management module grid for working with customer data inside Synergi Gas
  • Understand how functionality applies differently for updating customers vs. the initial run

Target group

Users who have already been running the full Customer Management module application, but have never attended any formal training, and users who have attended training in the past and would like a refresher and introduction to the new functionality.