SY-60 Synergi Pipeline (Uptime) Standard Risk Manager

This training gives an introduction to Synergi Pipeline's Risk Manager and supporting modules for distribution and transmission risk/integrity management.

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Synergi Pipeline software for efficient pipeline operation

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Prerequisite:

    Existing knowledge of Esri ArcMap product suite.

  • Course:

    SY-60 Synergi Pipeline (Uptime) Standard


This training is designed to introduce Synergi Pipeline's Risk Manager and associated supporting modules for distribution and transmission risk and pipeline integrity management.

The following topics are covered:

  • Brief overview of ArcMap and ArcCatalog
  • Uptime modules
    - Activity Manager
    - Asset Integrity Manager
    - Linking documentation
    - Query Manager
    - Data Connection Tool
  • Risk Manager
    - Risk factors and types
    - Changing risk factors
    - Creating and maintaining risk models and running them
    - Tips and tricks for creating risk models
    - Advanced risk modelling techniques (TBD based on attendee experience)

Learning objectives

You will become proficient in the use of the above listed tools.

Target group

Users who are new to Synergi Pipeline software or requires an update on a specific tool.

If you do not have experience, we recommend taking the Esri ArcMap online class prior to attending.

SY-60 Synergi Pipeline (Uptime) Standard Risk Management