The Art of Presentation

Training course to improve presentation techniques

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    Business skills


This 2-day interactive workshop will improve your presentation technique, making your key messages clear and concise and, most importantly, allowing you to make a stronger impression on those who listen to you.

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Who should attend:
Managers, sales staff, anyone who has to give presentations

Duration: 2 days

Many of us need to present in public at some point in our working life. Whether you are a manager or a regular employee, this is something you will be called upon to do one day, with customers, or in front of colleagues, or at a conference. How do you feel about public speaking? When we don't do it often we usually find such presentations to be stressful; either because we are unsure how to structure our message, or simply because we feel we lack the basic skills to make our delivery as sharp, professional and engaging as we would like it to be. 

If this describes your concerns about speaking in public, then this is the course for you. This workshop style training will give you the confidence you need to prepare for any future public speaking engagements and even look forward to them. You can learn how to make speaking in public fun!

The course focuses on:

  • Preparation is the key
  • Planning what to say
  • How to make maximum impact in a short time
  • Adjusting the content for your audience
  • Bringing variety to your presentations
  • Presentation techniques, tips and tricks
  • Presentation practice and constructive feedback

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