The SOLAS Convention

Training course providing thorough knowledge of the SOLAS Convention and the mandatory Codes.

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Regulations, surveys and inspections


To gain thorough knowledge of the SOLAS Convention and the mandatory Codes.

Entrance regulations

Basic knowledge of shipping

Who should attend:
Shipping Companies: Management: Techn. Director (CTO)
Inspection: Superintendent, Fleet Manager, Chief Operating Officer, CSO, Assistance
Quality / ISM: Quality Manager, Designated Person, Assistance
On Board Personnel: Nautical Officers, Engineers
Yard: Management: Techn. Director (CTO)
Design: Design Manager, Engineers (Naval Architects)
Production: Production Manager, Engineers Quality: Quality Manager
Supplier (M&C): Management: Techn. Director (CTO) Engineers: Engineers
Quality: Quality Manager

Duration: 1 day

The SOLAS Convention is the most important of all the international conventions concerning the safety of merchant ships. The main objective of this Convention is to specify minimum standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships. The first version of SOLAS was adopted in 1914 in response to the Titanic disaster.
The course will be of benefit to anyone involved in either the construction or the operation of ships.
This course presents the background, the content and the goals of the Convention in detail. After looking briefly at the development of the Convention, it introduces the general obligations such as the survey, inspection and certification of various types of ships as well as provisions for port State control and casualty investigation.
The participants are familiarized with each chapter of SOLAS with special focus given to construction (subdivision and stability), fire protection, life-saving appliances, radio communications, navigation, carriage of dangerous goods, management of safe operation of ships and maritime security.

The course focuses on:

  • Background and development of the Convention
  • Amendment procedure
  • General provisions (Chapter I)
  • Technical provisions (Chapters II- XII)

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