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Technology Outlook 2030

Ten technology trends, 54 technologies that matter, 21 impact investigations across five global industries. Read DNV GL's extensive exploration of the most likely technology developments over the next ten years.

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New season of DNV GL Talks Energy podcast

The new season has been kickstarted with an interview with Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV GL, who explores the key findings from the 2019 Energy Transition Outlook report and discusses what more can be done globally to accelerate the energy transition.

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  • Power and renewables

10 ways technology can meet the COP 21 targets

Technology can meet the COP21 1.5°C target but not at the current rate of progress. What can be done?

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  • Maritime

A greener era for yacht design

Designers and brokers are finding that the new breed of, usually younger, entrepreneur superyacht owners genuinely want to reduce their impact on the planet.

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Do you trust your data? The role of assurance in algorithm and model data

Webinar: In an increasingly automated world where decisions are based on results from models and algorithms, focus on the data fed into these is of paramount importance.

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Blockchain as a bridge between consumers and brands

Discover MyStory™: DNV GL's solution for assuring the accountability and transparency of products in today's trust-orientated consumer market.

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  • Oil & Gas

Accounting for the human factor in safer and greener oil and gas operations

The ninth edition of the International Sustainability Rating System benchmarks the quality of management systems against international best practice and performance. Discover how to implement a truly sustainable business with zero adverse impacts.

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Sharing economy in the maritime industry

Open Simulation Platform is an ecosystem for collaborative digital twin simulations that will enable virtual exploration of solutions for designing, commissioning, operating and assuring complex, integrated systems.


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