• Power and renewables

Wind energy – going offshore

Wind power has significantly grown in the last two years, particularly in Europe and North America. For the future of offshore wind, we expect strengthened support bypassing community opposition, and a fast uptake of offshore wind in new regions where this technology is yet unexploited.

  • Oil & Gas

Industry Outlook for Oil and Gas in 2020

New Directions, Complex Choices is an industry benchmark study on the outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2020, published by DNV GL. This report assesses industry sentiment, confidence, and priorities, and provides expert analysis of the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the year ahead.

  • Maritime

How containerships win tomorrow: Size, renewable energy and digitalization

The containership segment faces an entirely new set of technological challenges: Transport more goods while using less energy ‒ and ultimately, decarbonize. Two DNV GL experts explain how this could be achieved.

  • Group

Towards trustworthy industrial AI systems

DNV GL recently released a position paper giving perspectives on what needs to be considered in developing verification processes and the assurance of AI systems in industrial contexts. Read this summary of its main points.

  • Digital solutions

The multiple dimensions of Asset Performance Management

The natural gas industry is an example of where it is both a fuel of the present and widely accepted as a transition fuel in the quest for a carbon-neutral future. In this role it has the spotlight upon its performance. Performance here is defined on multiple dimensions.

  • Energy

New season of DNV GL Talks Energy podcast

The new season has been kickstarted with an interview with Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV GL, who explores the key findings from the 2019 Energy Transition Outlook report and discusses what more can be done globally to accelerate the energy transition.

  • Power and renewables

10 ways technology can meet the COP 21 targets

Technology can meet the COP21 1.5°C target but not at the current rate of progress. What can be done?

  • Business Assurance

Blockchain as a bridge between consumers and brands

Discover MyStory™: DNV GL's solution for assuring the accountability and transparency of products in today's trust-orientated consumer market.


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