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Nine principles of sustainable ocean practices

The ocean offers a new economic frontier. Yet our health, and that of our whole ecosystem, is dependent on mutually maintaining the ocean’s health and utilizing its potential

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The leading cause of energy demand peaking by 2033

The watershed moment of energy demand will peak by 2033, as forecasted by DNV GL, and will be born from energy use becoming more efficient on a global scale.

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Firing up the risk and consequence software market

How DNV GL’s acquisition of a small Norwegian company brings greater value to its customers.

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Governments get serious about hydrogen

Governments worldwide are showing increasing interest in hydrogen as a clean energy carrier to complement electricity in decarbonizing national energy systems.

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Open Simulation Platform

An ecosystem for collaborative digital twin simulations that will enable virtual exploration of solutions for designing, commissioning, operating and assuring complex, integrated systems.

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Digitalization and the future of energy

An industry study that goes beyond the hype: find out how to create value by combining digital technology, people and business strategy

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Wind-powered water injection

Can wind really work for oil, and vice versa? We explain the genesis of idea of wind-powered water injection for offshore fields, and how the idea has edged towards a commercial reality.

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The LNG era takes shape

The implications of the world’s rapidly growing appetite for LNG, the diversification of LNG supply and demand sources, and new dynamics at play in global gas markets.


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