Technical Aquaculture Services

We provide inspection and certification services to the fish farming industry.

Fish farm in the North of Norway

Farmed fish escapes is one of the biggest environmental and economic challenges facing the fish farming industry.

The leading industry standard focusing on preventing, detecting and limiting escapes is the Norwegian Standard NS 9415, which defines the technical requirements for the dimensioning, design, construction, installation and operation of floating fish-farming facilities.

Following the release of the standard in 2003, the number of fish escaped has been reduced significantly.

Why partner with us?

We have provided services to the aquaculture industry since 1988 and this long experience has given us wide knowledge of the fish farming industry.

Based on NS 9415 and the NYTEK Regulations, governing the technical standard of floating aquaculture facilities (issued by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries), we can assist fish farmers and equipment suppliers in all parts of the world to improve their performance.

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