Project Certification of a 22 MW solar plant

Grid code compliance needed to be proven.

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Bernd Hinzer Bernd Hinzer
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Project certification solar plant - case study

A local consulting company

In order to have a new 22 MW solar plant commissioned and connected to the high voltage grid and have the generated power paid for, Grid Code Compliance needed to be proven as a requirement of the grid operator. In addition, the financing institution and the insurer were interested in the reliability and bankability of the system. The developer wanted to have the ability to sell the commissioned solar plant to an operating company. Independent tests, validations and certifications assisted the customer to provide assurance to all stakeholders.

DNV GL collected all relevant data of planning status, built up an analytical model of the solar plant by, amongst other methods, using validated models of the 1100 inverter that are provided by solar type certification. With this plant model, all relevant studies to prove Grid Code Compliance (according to applicable national and international rules and requirements as well as gaps closed with DNV GL Certification Standards) were carried out. Regarding the results, adjustments were discussed with the customer. A final project certificate was issued by DNV GL, and this will help the bank to provide finance, and the grid operator to connect the project to the grid without any concerns. During and after commissioning, all relevant plant parameters were adjusted according to the requirements of the certificate. As the certificate is a certification at the planning stage, a declaration of conformity was offered by DNV GL after commissioning. With this independent declaration it was independently verified that all parameters were in compliance with the requirements, and that the solar plant is reliable, safe and bankable over the lifetime.

Value to the Customer
The consulting company obtained independent certification of the planned and commissioned solar plant, providing safety, reliability, bankability, confidence with a “ticket to trade.”