Veracity - an open industry platform

A secure platform for digital innovation and industry collaboration

The platform includes a marketplace where you can access all DNV GL's digital services and applications, but also services from third parties. Veracity also includes a community for developers to make it easier to develop new applications and analytics. Finally, the platform facilitates secure and easy data management and data sharing. The data sharing and data analytics part of Veracity is currently in a public preview phase, allowing customers to start using/exploring the advanced data sharing functionality at their own initiative.

Data model and people

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We will continue to verify the design and functionality of these elements of the platform, and explore how value can be best created for asset owners and analytic providers.

With Veracity, DNV GL creates an ecosystem for the entire industry

Veracity is a marketplace for DNV GL to deliver its digital services, tools and apps (what we so far have called My DNV GL with more than 100 000 registered users). It is also a platform, where other qualified developers and suppliers of digital services and analytics can develop and market their services, applications and insights.

On the platform’s marketplace, asset owners can subscribe to industrial applications and data analytics services that can help them make better use of data to optimize their safety and performance. These applications will be provided not only by DNV GL, but by a host of other qualified providers of data, data analytics and digital solutions.

My DNV GL services now part of Veracity

Existing users of DNV GL’s digital services will experience that their My DNV GL services  are found under the “My Services” tab at

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Download our recommended practice on data quality management

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A platform addressing common data challenges

Industrial organizations share common barriers to use their increasing amount of data for reliable and trustworthy analytics and automation. 

  • Data quality - Is the data quality good enough to base decisions on?
  • Incompatible data sets and data trapped in silos  - Can I combine my data with other data sets and get more value?
  • Ownership of asset data  - Can I keep control and ownership of my data?
  • Access control and sharing - Can I control access to and sharing of my data?
  • Security  - Is my data securely stored and shared?

What we have learned from running dozens of big data projects with customers over the last year is that it is not a quick fix to address these challenges. There is no magic switch. Rather a lot of hard work and we do not have all the answers. That is also why we are developing Veracity together with selected leading industry partners and learning from this “private preview” phase to develop a robust data platform for general availability for the entire industry later.

Veracity in 1-2-3

Veracity in 1-2-3

For developers and analytics providers

Develop applications and analytics services to data owners on the Veracity data platform. Learn more on

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Since 1864, DNV GL has enabled organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their businesses. Over the last 50 years we have also gained a solid position as a trusted third party software vendor, solving technical and operational challenges related to industrial assets. See below links to our digitalization drives within our different main sectors.

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