Benefits and capabilities

Manage the ownership, quality, sharing and use of data for better insights and analytics.

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  • Trust your data
    • By combining our independent industrial domain expertise, algorithms and data management experts we assess the quality of your data so that you know if you can trust the data and use it for analytics and insights
  • Enrich your data
    • Keep ownership and control while leveraging your data by integrating, sharing or bench-marking it from one secure place
    • Benefit from our extensive cross-industry data lake with industrial data-sets from the maritime, renewables, oil and gas, power and life sciences sectors.
  • Get valuable insights and analytics
    Perform your own analytics or allow DNV GL or other analytics providers turn your data into business value, including:
  • improved performance (reduced downtime, performance forecasting, improved safety)
  • reduced costs (predictive maintenance, energy efficiency and real-time risk management)
  • new business models 

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About the Veracity data platform 

The Veracity data platform will be able to handle sensor data and other data types.

Our data lake concept will allow you to store, access and combine data across assets and services. We will bring in external datasets from providers, partners or customers, such as weather, ship tracking data etc. and make them commonly accessible to all users of the platform.

A hybrid cloud solution

The Veracity industry data platform handles big data through a Hadoop cluster-based solution. The hybrid cloud setup uses Hortonworks data platform and includes deployment both on premise - in DNV GL-owned Hadoop clusters - and Hadoop clusters in Azure cloud for data collaboration and application development. This is a global, flexible and scalable set up that will allow us to leverage the best of both worlds.