Energy transition

The energy transition is shifting up the agenda, moving from previously being considered important to now becoming something urgent; a source of great risk, but also of opportunity.
Energy transition insights

 Explore what the energy future looks like, how it will impact various industries, and how to best navigate an uncertain energy future.

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Insights: Energy transition

Impact of COVID-19 on the energy transition

The coronavirus pandemic will have a dramatic impact on energy supply and demand in the short term and will have lasting impacts once the pandemic dissipates. However, that will in itself do little to advance the world’s progress towards the Paris climate ambitions.

How Norway’s EVs have cut emissions globally

Domestic climate policies are primarily intended to reduce domestic emissions, and typically only accounted for that way. Often these policies, however, produce larger effects beyond national borders.

Twenty years of corporate sustainability progress – what next for businesses?

DNV GL's report for the UN Global Compact 'Uniting Business in the Decade of Action' looks at two decades of corporate sustainability progress, concluding that companies need to accelerate from decades of ambition to a Decade of Action.

Ocean Stewardship 2030 - Ten ambitions

Ocean Stewardship 2030 describes ten ambitions that will contribute to a robust blue economy whilst also allowing the health of our oceans to flourish. DNV GL has led the work on the UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, bringing together cross-industry stakeholders to define the ambitions and agree upon the recommendations needed to guide global policy making and responsible ocean stewardship.

The promise of seasonal storage

As the world’s energy system moves towards a net-zero carbon future, we need more flexible options for energy storage and production. This paper explores the need for, and viability of, seasonal storage in the power system.

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