Rapid Assessment Management Program

Data-supported decision making to increase program effectiveness

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Utilities make large investments in making sure that their customers are aware of and participate in their energy efficiency programs. Because these programs are an essential way to engage customers and improve their satisfaction, utilities need to know if their marketing and outreach efforts are working. DNV GL’s rapid assessment management program (RAMP) allows energy efficiency program managers make data-supported decisions that will help increase program effectiveness when it matters most: During the program year. 

Utilities have a wealth of data about their customers, but it is not organized to analyze marketing efforts. RAMP is able to use these data to provide feedback about the effectiveness of their programs to energy efficiency program managers throughout the program cycle, evaluating questions like these: 

  • Which of your customers are most likely to invest in energy efficiency?
  • Which customer verticals are underperforming?
  • How do customer participation rates vary across the service territory?
  • Which customer touchpoints yield the highest and lowest impact?

This results in timely analysis and actionable recommendations that allows program managers to improve the effectiveness of their energy efficiency programs across the board.  

How it works 

RAMP’s core models use existing energy usage, market segmentation data, and participation data from current programs to evaluate outreach marketing and other program activities to provide ongoing analysis of program performance.  Rather than waiting until the end of the program to evaluate its effectiveness, the RAMP service executes analysis at designated times during the program year. With input from the client, DNV GL identifies and prioritizes actionable research questions, obtains and cleans relevant data, and applies our proven models to produce timely, reliable recommendations and feedback on performance.