Unveiling the true power of energy storage

The events of the last few years demonstrate that the skepticism around energy storage technology is rapidly evaporating as storage transitions to a state of deployment.

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Paul Gardner Paul Gardner
Segment Leader, Energy Storage
Energy Storage - Knowing and How

Definitive niches for storage are emerging around ancillary services, renewables integration, distribution, and end use applications. However, if you’re planning to adopt or deploy storage, the market can appear to be seemingly everywhere -- but nowhere at the same time.

The answer lies in the pace at which storage opportunities and markets are developing across various regions. For example, California mandates storage for its three largest utilities. New York allows utilities to use storage for reliability. In Texas, a utility is asking its commission to allow the use of storage for reliability. These are just three examples in the US, but the ripple effect of energy storage is global.

DNV GL & Energy Storage
Energy storage could help you mitigate outages, shave network peaks, reduce congestion, provide network support in remote areas or even hold off the need to spend on network expansion. And, distributed storage systems allows for clean and better power match to usage needs in the context of variable renewable power generation through photovoltaics (PV) and wind.

With proven strategic valuation tools, independent advisory expertise and state-of-the art testing capabilities, we are uniquely qualified to help you address these challenges and opportunities for energy storage – today and into the future.

We are a leader in energy storage expertise
DNV GL invests 5% of its revenue in industry research and innovation, with a special focus on Energy Storage. Our GRIDSTOR recommended practice, which is accelerating safe and sound implementation of grid-connected energy storage systems, is an example of our commitment. In addition to this investment, we have created industry-leading strategic tools, such as ES Grid and ES Select, to assess technology potential. And with our world-class energy storage testing labs and field support, we are unmatched in our ability to guide organisations across the entire energy storage valuation chain.

Independent and unbiased authority
By teaming with DNV GL, you can count on an impartial but insightful view of your key challenges and opportunities. Although we work extensively with technologies, we are not affiliated with any storage manufacturer, nor are we invested or advocate any particular technology. We are truly an impartial, independent 3rd party evaluator that is only interested in helping our clients understand all aspects of their potential investment decision in energy storage.

Hands-on experience
With our dedicated energy storage labs in Europe and the U.S., we have a long history of testing and demonstrating technologies for utilities and manufacturers. This combination of field and testing experience gives our team a unique advantage when evaluating storage technologies, as our consultants are able to combine our traditional modelling and analysis with insights gained from operating the technologies in the field.

Industry depth
We are active across the entire energy value chain. Our team of analysts conducts research and development on storage technologies. With our understanding of industry issues that impact the distribution network, our consultants can assist you in determining the proper applications and products to utilize. In addition, our advanced models allow you to determine the value and benefits storage can provide to your distribution system. Finally, with our testing and demonstration expertise we can help you deploy new technologies on the grid as well as to understand the potential safety issues associated with them.

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