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Maintaining business operations in times of crisis

Industry | The firm grip of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy has been extremely disruptive in the maritime sector, too. Continuing business operations in a safe and flexible manner and keeping in close contact with customers are key to ensuring the viability of the whole industry

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Entering a new era for the heavy-lift business

MPV | As the most complex cargo ship type, MPVs across all categories must adjust to new market and operating conditions. Despite tight margins, a major fleet renewal over the next decade is necessary to stay competitive.

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Wind-assisted propulsion can cut fuel costs and emissions

INDUSTRY | Wind can be harnessed profitably to reduce fuel consumption and help meet emission targets. Several technologies have demonstrated their feasibility, whereas others are waiting for investors willing to give them a chance

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Global Sulphur Cap 2020

Compliance options, Ship Implementation Plan, related services and more

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Alternative fuels and technologies

Current status and outlook, price developments, availability and the new Alternative Fuel Insight platform

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Autonomous and remotely-operated ships

Explore latest developments in our new position paper and download the Class Guideline

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