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  • Maritime Impact issue 02-2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 02-2017

    Focus on smarter operations including remote inspections, e-certificates, CFD simulations, energy management and much more (PDF, 64 pages, 12 MB)
  • Customer magazine for the offshore industry
    Maritime | Magazine

    Offshore Update 02-2017

    Covering topics such as new offshore rules, DP-station capability, autonomous shipping, digitalization, transfer of class, offshore wind farms and more.
  • Topics covering autonomous shipping, hybrid ferries, LNG fueled Ro-Pax, Interferry, future ferry designs and many more.
    Maritime | Magazine

    Ferry and Ro-Ro Update

    Covering topics such as autonomous shipping, hybrid ferry, LNG fueled Ro-Pax, digitalization and many more.
  • Bulk Carrier Update 2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    Bulk Carrier Update 2017

    "Efficiency check delivers key insights", "Flexibility makes the difference", "Preparing for MRV compliance", "Sulphur cap ahead" and much more (32-page PDF, 6 MB)
  • MPV Update 2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    MPV Update 2017

    This issue covers the topics "Next-generation coasters", "The fleet of the future", "Route specific lashing", "Clarity for open-top transport" and many more (28-page PDF, 10 MB)
  • Tanker Update 2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    Tanker Update 2017

    “Big is beautiful”, “Safe, flexible, efficient”, “Fit for the future”, “Checking control network health” are 4 of 13 exciting topics (32-page PDF, 5 MB)
  • Maritime Impact 02-2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 01-2017

    DNV GL´s digital journey, cyber security, MRV Regulation, Ballast Water and the top technology trends in the maritime world (PDF, 60 pages, 17 MB)
  • DNV GL Gas Carrier Update 2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    Gas Carrier Update 2017

    The gas carrier market, LNG and LPG as fuel, trilobe tanks and many more topics covered by our 28-page magazine (PDF - 3.5 MB)
  • Offshore Update 2017
    Maritime | Advisory category | Magazine

    Offshore Update 2017

    Walk2work class notation, deep-diving support vessels, DP capability, offshore wind and many more topics covered by our 32-page magazine (PDF - 5.6 MB)
  • Cruise Update-Issue 2017
    Maritime | Magazine

    Cruise Update 2017

    Marine digitalization, Scrubber solutions, Noise reduction and many more topics covered by our 40-page magazine (PDF - 5.9 MB)
  • DNV GL - Ferry and RoRo Update 2016
    Maritime | Magazine

    Ferry and Ro-Ro Update

    Covering topics such as IMO on domestic ferry safety, Fire in ro-ro spaces, Safe Return to Port, Environmental regulations and many more.
  • Maritime Impact Issue 02-2016
    Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 02-2016

    In focus: Smarter operations around digitally enhanced processes (PDF – 7.1 MB)
  • Containership_Update_2-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    Container Ship Update

    Ultra-large container ships, feeder vessels, whipping simulation and more (PDF - 4.0 MB)
  • Bulker Update 2-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    Bulk Carrier Update (SMM special)

    LNG bulk carrier, Big data usage, New Bulk Carrier working group and more (PDF - 8.5 MB)
  • MPV Update 02-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    MPV Update 2016

    Safe transport with an “open top”, unique design basis, regulations and more (PDF - 4.5 MB)
  • Maritime_Impact_01-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 01-2016

    Cybersecurity, Droning in the deep, Scrubbers and seven further insightful articles (PDF – 5.7 MB)
  • Tanker_Update_1-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    Tanker Update 01-2016

    Cybersecurity, fuel alternatives for LR1 product tankers are 2 of 12 topics covered (PDF - 5.3 MB)
  • Bulk_Carrier_Update_1-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    Bulk Carrier Update 01-2016

    Putting big data to good use, environmental regulations and 7 articles more (PDF - 9 MB)
  • Gas_Carrier_Update_1-16
    Maritime | Magazine

    Gas Carrier Update 2016

    Fuel gas technologies, safety, Digital twin and much more related to Gas carriers (PDF - 11.9 MB)
  • DNV GL Cruise Update 1-2016
    Maritime | Magazine

    Cruise Update 2016

    "Introducing Class+" and "High-tech support for the Costa and AIDA ships" are two of 13 articles (PDF - 2.6 MB)
  • Gas Carrier Update 2015
    Maritime | Magazine

    Gas Carrier Update 2015

    LNGreen - LNG carrier of tomorrow and gas bunker vessel for LNG transfer are two of nine articles (PDF - 9.3 MB)