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Erosion testing, erosion resistance and sand monitoring – DNV GL labs Høvik

Erosion testing is a key offering of the process laboratory at DNV GL headquarters at Høvik
Erosion testing at our process laboratory at Høvik
Erosion testing

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Jan Fredrik Helgaker

Jan Fredrik Helgaker

Senior Engineer

Erosion testing by DNV GL labs

Sand is an inevitable by-product during oil and gas production. Sand can have significant consequences for both the production and the assets. Key failure modes are related to sand particle erosion, sand accumulation, plugging or contamination by sand. 

The process laboratory at DNV GL headquarters at Høvik, just outside Oslo, has been in operation since 1995 and has been used extensively in experiments related to sand erosion, sand monitoring equipment and sand transport phenomena. Experience from experimental investigation and dedicated erosion testing form the basis of the DNV GL recommended practice DNVGL-RP-0501 Managing sand production and erosion

The current test facility includes the following test rig set-ups:

  • Large scale high flow capacity erosion rig, capable of performing erosion testing in 5 – 10-inch set-ups with velocities up to 60 m/s
  • Sand blasting rig, capable of performing testing of candidate material samples to determine the erosion resistance as a function of particle impact characteristics according to ASTM G76-13. Impact velocities up to 150 m/s. 

DNV GL has previously performed erosion testing of the following components:

  • Rigid pipework
  • Unbonded flexible pipes (according to API RP 17B)
  • Sand monitoring equipment, including acoustic sand detectors and intrusive erosion probes
  • Down-hole sand screens
  • Single and multiphase flow meters
  • Erosion resistance testing of materials including steel grades, plastics, ceramics and erosion resistant surface coatings. 

Detailed erosion testing capabilities and testing range of each test rig set-up is specified in flyers below. 

Laboratory erosion testing is supported by advanced computer models such as Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multi-disciplinary advisory teams.

Contact us:

Jan Fredrik Helgaker

Jan Fredrik Helgaker

Senior Engineer

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Erosion testing and sand monitoring in the multiphase flow rig

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