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Testing and research of fires, explosions and blasts – with full-scale hazardous trials and simulation of real-world environments.

Fire test, explosion test and blast test, research by DNV GL

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Spadeadam Testing and Research

Spadeadam Testing and Research

MOD R5, Gilsland, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 7AU, UK

Located in a remote part of northern England, Spadeadam Testing and Research offers the opportunity to carry out rarely available trials in a controlled and secure ‘real-life’ environment.

Large-scale test facilities include multiple test pads, vessels and demonstrations areas which can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and support a unique range of test scenarios.

Supported by a highly experienced team, DNV GL can facilitate the testing of components, products, techniques and processes from design through to analysis and recommendations.

Fire tests and research

We operate an indoor ISO 22899-1 jet fire facility allowing our customers to test their passive fire protection materials in a repeatable weather protected environment.

ISO 22899-1

Jet fires are a major safety risk in both offshore and onshore installations wherever ignitable gases and liquids are stored or transported at pressure. ISO 22899-1 is the industry standard jet fire test method. It indicates how passive fire protection materials behave in a jet fire by simulating the conditions that occur in an actual jet fire. Spadeadam can apply this test to structural members, pipes, valves, penetrating sealing systems etc. as well as bespoke configurations.

Large-scale jet fires

Our facility has the infrastructure and expertise necessary to perform large-scale jet fire experiments such as 3kg/s release of natural gas at 60 bar through a 20mm orifice or LPG at 10 bar and 60 kg/s.

Passive fire protection product testing

Spadeadam has the capability to perform a wide range of passive fire protection product testing, including;

  • Cryogenic exposure with/without jet fire
  • Blast testing with/without jet fire
  • Large-scale hydrocarbon pool fire testing
  • Large-scale flares/releases, e.g. natural gas 150 kg/s.

Blast test

Spadeadam Testing and Research has the capability to carry out blast tests with charge sizes up to 1 tonne TNT equivalence. A complete service can be offered including all civil and mechanical works required to build support structures under test. 

Blast testing can be conducted on vehicles, building structures and a wide range of components. Blast testing can be carried out to a wide range of international standards including;

  • ISO 16933
  • ASTM F1642-04
  • GSA.

DNV GL can also provide consultancy to assess customer needs and specify blast test methods to meet customer requirements. This includes identifying correct charge weight and stand-off and designing suitable fixtures for your test samples.

Explosion test

With over 20 years of experience in studying gas cloud explosions, Spadeadam Testing and Research is a world leader in the field of explosion testing. Gas cloud explosions can be studies within confined or partially confined geometries or within regions of pipework and vessels, typical of process sites. Using a validated scaling technique explosions in regions of pipework and vessels can be conducted at a reduced scale providing a cost effective approach to understanding explosion behaviour.

Flexible explosion test facility 

The offshore module test rig provides a flexible explosion test facility for studying both gas accumulation and explosions in a geometry representative of a full scale offshore module. The rig is 28m long, 12m wide and 8m high.

Extensively instrumented explosions 

All explosions can be extensively instrumented to measure;

  • Overpressure using transducers recorded on high speed data acquisition systems
  • Flame arrival times
  • Response of structure to explosion loading using strain gauges, displacement transducers or accelerometers-

Explosion chamber

The explosion chamber is 4.5m in cross-section and 9m long. With a flexible vent opening in the front face and varying levels of pipework congestion inside, this chamber can be used to provide overpressure pulses with peaks from 60mbar to 4 bar and durations from 50msec to over 300msec.

With this level of flexibility, the chamber is well suited for testing the performance of blast resistant equipment and structures such as doors, fire walls, panels, passive fire protection etc. The chamber is also ideal for studying mitigation systems, such as water deluge at a representative scale.

Training courses delivered by Spadeadam Research and Testing

The training courses delivered at Spadeadam offer experiential learning on the physical impacts of a major hazard. Courses offer delegates the chance to experience fires, dispersion and explosion first hand whilst developing their knowledge of the research and theory behind them. Watch the video below for the training courses delivered by Spadeadam Research and Testing.

Contact us:

Spadeadam Testing and Research

Spadeadam Testing and Research

MOD R5, Gilsland, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 7AU, UK

Jet fire at Spadeadam Testing and Research, Cumbria, UK
ISO 22899-1 - the industry standard jet fire test method - can be performed at Spadeadam Testing and Research.
Blast test at Spadeadam Testing and Research, Cumbria, UK
Blast test performed at Spadeadam Testing and Research.

Training courses at Spadeadam Testing and Research

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2-days expert hazard awareness course

1-day LNG hazard awareness course

1-day Ageing plant hazard awareness course

Blast and ballistic protection design

Introduction to structural glazing

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