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Unconventional gas - surface drilling sketch

Unconventional gas

Unconventional gas has dramatically shaken up the energy sector in recent years. Advanced tools and technologies have enabled operators to access important and vast new sources of gas supply. However, as the industry continues to develop new techniques and technologies to access these important sources of energy, it will also need to overcome environmental concerns, and many geological, technical as well as economic barriers to growth. 

DNV GL works to assist start-up and established shale gas operators in both developing and developed markets. We help them to ensure the safe, reliable and sustainable performance of their assets, and to demonstrate and institute operational best practices as a means to achieve public and stakeholder acceptance. 

We recognise that if the sector is to overcome public concerns around shale gas operations, it will need to provide answers to the safety, health and environmental risks involved. To do this, it will need to demonstrate that projects are able to operate safely and responsibly. 

Our risk-based approach to project planning, development and optimisation enables operators to assess, mitigate and monitor inherent risk in their shale gas operations. Our robust procedures for qualifying new technology evaluate new equipment and materials destined for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations. 

Our independent verification and technical assurance services further enable shale operators to demonstrate that they are able to manage contentious issues in an accurate, balanced, transparent and traceable way, while maximising extraction potential. 

In addition, DNV GL’s expertise in the effects of variations in gas composition for end-use equipment enables unconventional gas producers to ensure the commercial value of their gas; for example, by helping to specify the gas compositions suitable for their ultimate customers, the end users.

Setting industry best practice for shale 

In partnership with our customers, DNV GL has developed procedures to qualify new technology (DNVGL-RP-A203). 

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