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Maximizing performance and cost reductions

The last few years has seen dramatic changes in how offshore wind farms operate, significant cost reductions and improvements in project availability.

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Wind energy – going offshore

Wind power has significantly grown in the last two years, particularly in Europe and North America. For the future of offshore wind, we expect strengthened support bypassing community opposition, and a fast uptake of offshore wind in new regions where this technology is yet unexploited.

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Floating offshore wind emerges on the horizon

The myth that floating offshore wind doesn’t perform as well as bottom-fixed is on its way to being busted. Floating offshore wind has advanced rapidly in recent years. Operating since Autumn 2017, Hywind Scotland has shown promising results with a capacity factor well over 50%.

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Data analytics in the electricity sector

Data analytics has already changed several industries and the power sector is next. Whilst there are many positive impacts currently being realized from data analytics, with more to come, there are also challenges to be overcome.

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Generating new value from ageing renewable energy projects

End of life planning is becoming an increasingly prominent issue in the renewables sector. This is particularly the case in wind power, where the first commercial wind energy projects are now reaching – or in some cases just passing – their expected 20-year lifetime. How can investors and owners take advantage of lifetime extension opportunities to extract further value from renewable energy projects?

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