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  • Clinical reporting of NGS data
    11 October 2018 | Life sciences srp | Digital Health | Position paper

    Clinical reporting of NGS data

    A systematic Nordic collaborative, peer-reviewed benchmarking
  • Flow complexity recognition with LiDAR
    04 October 2018 | Wind energy | Paper

    Flow complexity recognition experience with LiDAR data in moderately complex terrain

    Poster PO.024 presented at the Wind Europe 2018
  • Instatrust 1.0
    02 October 2018 | Wind energy | Solar energy | Flyer

    Instatrust 1.0

    Renewables investment in the digital era
  • Tapping storage to bolster grid resilience
    01 October 2018 | Energy storage | Report

    Why Utilities and Distribution Grid Operators Are Tapping Storage to Bolster Grid Resilience

    Energy storage has emerged as a technology with the potential to improve the process of transitioning the power system
  • Ferry RoRo update 2018
    28 September 2018 | Maritime | Magazine

    Ferry and Ro-Ro Update

    Covering topics such as alternative fuels, hybrid ferry, world largest short-sea ro-ro, digitalization and many more. (PDF, 8MB)
  • Yacht Update 2018
    25 September 2018 | Maritime | Magazine

    Yacht Update 2018

    Articles on: Excellence in design, Battery technology, Emergency Response Service, Unique sailing experience and more (PDF, 8 MB)
  • Mapping ocean goverance regulation report_cover
    24 September 2018 | Technology and Innovation | Report

    Mapping ocean governance and regulation

    A working paper for consultation for UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business
  • IoT for everyone
    12 September 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Paper

    IoT for Everyone!

    Specifiers and end-users need to understand the fundamental technology behind the "Internet of Things" as well as the value and benefit that access to data can bring.
  • Energy Transition Outlook 2018 - Maritime
    10 September 2018 | Maritime | Report

    Maritime Forecast to 2050

    This report provides an independent forecast of the maritime energy future and examines how the energy transition will affect the shipping industry (148 pages)
  • 2018 half year report
    07 September 2018 | Group | Annual report

    2018 half-year report

    Half-year financial report for the first half of 2018
  • Maritime Impact 2018
    04 September 2018 | Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 1-2018

    Smart shipping covering alternative fuels, battery power and monitoring as well as arctic pioneers, digital defence and much more (PDF, 8 MB)
  • DNV GL Container Ship Update 2018
    04 September 2018 | Maritime | Magazine

    Container Ship Update 2018

    Containing the full efficiency package, Rethinking stowage, Tomorrow’s ship fuels, A longer-term vision, Terminal challenges and more (PDF, 3 MB)
  • Power system analysis
    04 September 2018 | Electricity transmission and distribution | Flyer

    Power system analysis

    Expert advisory services on all aspects of the power system
  • Remote-controlled and autonomous ships
    30 August 2018 | Maritime | Technology and Innovation | Position paper

    Remote-controlled and autonomous ships

    Discusses aspects of remote controlled-and autonomous ships related to technology challenges, regulation and role of class
  • DNV_GL_Global_sulphur_cap_2020
    28 August 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Global Sulphur Cap 2020 - extended and updated in 2018

    The global 0.5% sulphur cap will be introduced in 2020. Explore the compliance options and implications for shipping with a focus on scrubbers (28-page PDF, 5 MB)
  • Remote-controlled and autonomous ships
    27 August 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Remote-controlled and autonomous ships position paper

    In this 36-page paper, we refer to our role as a classification society in terms of safety assurance.
  • Future-proof renewables
    27 August 2018 | Energy | Solar energy | Wind energy | Technology and Innovation | Whitepaper

    Future-proof renewables

    Implications of a high percentage of solar and wind
  • Generating new value from ageing renewable energy projects
    20 August 2018 | Investing in energy | Position paper

    Generating new value from ageing renewable energy projects

    In this paper we look at the options for extracting further value from renewable energy projects that are nearing their planned end of life.
  • Ai and safety cover illustration
    17 August 2018 | Technology and Innovation | Position paper

    Ai + Safety

    A position paper on safety implications for artificial intelligence
  • Legal power list 2018 technical escrow
    15 August 2018 | Renewables Certification | Article

    What is technical ESCROW and why does it matter for you?

    Giant project and turbine sizes are exposing wind investors to larger risks than ever. How can technical escrow agreements help manage them? We spoke to DNV GL to find out.
  • Energy storage systems advisory services for original equipment manufacturers
    08 August 2018 | Energy storage | Flyer

    Energy storage systems advisory services for original equipment manufacturers

    Unlocking global energy storage systems markets