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Advanced metering infrastructure and smart grids

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Energy storage decision-support tool

With the growth of (distributed) renewable energy generation and intelligent sensors and actuators, utilities are having to introduce more smart grid functionality into their systems. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation (DA), outage management systems (OMS), demand-response systems and more are becoming increasingly common.

Thanks to our unique skill set and experience, DNV GL is the ideal partner to help you introduce these new technologies into your networks. We can support you in everything from business case analysis and roadmap development through to design, engineering, procurement, integration and system evaluation.

Our services

  • Business case development and roadmaps for AMI and smart grid functionality
  • System and network design for AMI, DA, demand response and other smart grid functions
  • Overall system design and integration of various functions such as AMI, MDMS, DMS, OMS and DRMS
  • Design, engineering, RFP development, procurement, test plan development, etc.
  • Modelling, simulations, performance evaluation, etc.

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Davion M. Hill

Davion M. Hill

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