Ballast water management (BWM) and biofouling

With our extensive knowledge of BWM and treatment technologies, we are ready to assist you in complying with the latest requirements.

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Ballast Water Management

The IMO convention for BWM will apply to all ships and offshore structures that carry ballast water and are engaged in international voyages. Furthermore, the revised USCG BWM regulations came into force in 2012.

DNV GL is the leading body worldwide in type approval of ballast water treatment systems (BWMS) in line with the IMO Guidelines G8 for type approval. More than 25 systems are currently being tested and/or approved at different locations around the world.

Furthermore, we are the first class society accepted by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as an independent laboratory (IL) to evaluate and test technologies designed to treat ballast water on ships.

DNV GL has developed a range of services related to BWM which aim to support shipowners and manufacturers in complying with the regulations:

  • IMO type approval of BWMS
  • USCG type approval testing as an Independent Lab for USCG
  • Safety assessment of ballast water treatment systems
  • Approval of ballast water and biofouling management plans
  • Approval of retrofit installation of ballast water treatment systems
  • Approval of test facilities engaged in environmental, land-based and shipboard testing of BWMS

Rely on our expertise for your ballast water and biofouling management and treatment technologies:

  • Profit from reliable advice based on expert testing and treatment solutions
  • Leverage our approval services, which assist you in achieving type approval from the USCG and the IMO
  • Gain sound, pragmatic advice for your BWMS retrofit or conversion project