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Testing and knowledge support to help you make the right energy storage choices

Are you considering energy storage? You are right to. As sustainable energy becomes more widespread, energy storage solutions are becoming essential to balance electricity supply and demand. Yet each application has its own needs and each storage technology its own strengths. So which storage solution is most suitable for your application? Are the advertised battery specifications in line with real life battery results? And what actually happened in case of unpredicted battery behaviour? 

Independent expertise and testing
Our Battery Laboratory in Arnhem, the Netherlands is here to help you make the right battery choices. We offer independent non-destructive (pre-) testing of batteries in dedicated facilities by energy storage experts. This is backed up with impartial advice and support on selecting, acquiring, implementing and operating the optimal energy storage system for your needs.

Our services include:

  • Identifying how energy storage devices could help you or your company
  • Technology assessments of energy storage technologies
  • Performance measurements and modelling of new applications, including systems adjacent to your energy storage system.
  • Application level testing
  • Functional testing
  • Validating and expert witnessing (on-site) services
  • Insight into regulatory aspects
  • Life cycle tests in conditioned environments
  • Failure investigation of energy storage systems
  • Safety tests such as drop tests, fire tests and crush tests
  • Grid tests and modelling of grid-connected storage applications

Know-how to rely on
The range of battery storage technologies on the market is continually increasing. So Thus it can be difficult to stay up to date regarding the pros and cons of all storage technologies relevant for you. Our Battery Lab offers a unique blend of theoretical expertise and hands-on experience to help you consider the regulatory, process, technical, safety and environmental issues regarding energy storage. So you can make your decisions with confidence.

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Edward Nagelhout

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