Bladed wind turbine simulation tool is key for optimizing your turbine at every phase of its design.

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Patrick James Rainey Patrick James Rainey
Bladed Product Manager

When designing wind turbines, you need to be sure your system will perform optimally, often in harsh conditions, throughout its entire life. Understanding turbine behaviour before manufacture saves you time and - most importantly - money.

Our Bladed device modelling software helps you gain that insight. It enables you to build a numerical model of your wind turbine and its planned environment. You can then run simulations covering all the different conditions it will experience during its lifetime.

Full simulations to optimize turbine design
Bladed can be used throughout the wind turbine design process, facilitating your development – from initial concept through to detailed design and commissioning. It is the ideal simulation tool for both onshore and offshore turbines, including floating wind systems.

Primarily designed for wind turbine load calculations and performance, our Bladed wind turbine design tool comprises a suite of pre- and post-processing tools. They enable simulation data to be quickly processed into useful information, and reported for design enhancement.

A range of optional modules are available. These cover aspects such as:

  • Offshore support structure modelling
  • Controller algorithm design
  • Assessment of earthquake generated loading
  • Detailed electrical models
  • Advanced drive train models
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing

Proven performer, trusted support
Bladed has real pedigree. This world-class product has been developed over 20 years and is renowned as a rigorous engineering modelling solution developed by experts in their field. It is trusted and used extensively by turbine manufacturers across the globe.

Unlike competitor products, Bladed is fully maintained and supported. It is available in a directly downloadable format, and we offer full technical support and training courses.