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Synergi Electric Cable Ampacity software module

Determine how soil condition and duct bank configuration affect cable ampacity

Cable Ampacity

The Synergi Electric module Cable Ampacity lets you determine how soil condition and duct bank configuration affect cable ampacity.

What you get

  • Fully integrated analysis with Synergi Electric
  • Cable overload prevention
  • Support for improved system reliability and lowered utility operating costs
  • Information on loading capacity on critical underground circuits
  • Instant analysis results for what-if studies
  • Identification of cables with extra capacity
  • Extensive experience of DNV GL professionals in distribution modelling and solutions

Key benefits of the Cable Ampacity module

  • DNV GL uses proven methods to build and analyse duct bank models
  • Process is accurate, flexible and objective
  • Cable duct bank modelling with user-friendly graphical interface
  • Resources we use include detailed cable parameters, maps (paper and digital), as-built drawings, operations and maintenance records
  • We offer follow-up training and technical support         

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