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Cascade - Thermography (IR)

CASCADE Thermography software module

Archive and analyse your digital thermography from Cascade

Thermography (IR)

The integrated IR imagery and analysis of the Thermography software module adds a valuable, condition-based assessment to your Cascade implementation.

What you get with Thermography software

  • Your thermographic images are where you need them most – with your equipment data
  • Ability to view, analyse, and organize your IR images from within Cascade
  • Direct integrations with FLIR, Fluke, and Mikron image formats
  • Import thermographic images to Cascade field units – no need to come back to the office to process files

Key benefits of IR software module

  • Allows you to create sets of named images for easy identification and organization
  • IR analysis without having to exit Cascade
  • Complements other diagnostics and asset data already within Cascade
  • Synchronizes selected thermography images to Cascade field units
  • Imports thermography images directly to Cascade field units, add comments and label image sets
  • Custom thermography reports are available for printed work packets
  • Voice annotations can be replayed from Cascade
  • Images are accessible from the Work Orders and Equipment Detail screens

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