Certification of competence management systems

Competence certification management systems

We certify that your competence management system is fully operational according to DNVGL-ST-0049 Competence Management Systems.

No one will argue that competence is a crucial factor in any business or operation. How do you manage competence in a systematic way that helps you to achieve your goals as a company?

Competence management aims to identify present and future competence needs based on your strategic plans and business goals, and can be an integral part of an established management system. So rely on DNV GL to verify that your competence management system is fully operational and thus ready to support your operations.
Our DNVGL-ST-0049 Competence Management Systems standard is based on the SeaSkill™ Wheel of Competence. It supports you in establishing a competence management system which can be certified upon implementation. It can also help you determine if your current system covers all the important aspects.
Managing competence requires close cooperation between sea and shore regarding job analysis, identifying competence gaps, training or coaching needs as well as registration. Our audits include both your shore-based organisation and a sample of vessels in your fleet, depending on fleet size and can often be combined with ISO or ISM.

Optimise your competence management system together with DNV GL:

  • Ensure the safety, efficiency and stability of your operations
  • Achieve your business goals
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Protect your assets
  • Profit from optimised recruitment and competence development processes
  • Measure the effectiveness of your training
  • Benefit from improved relations with cargo owners, insurance providers and authorities

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