Corrosion protection systems

Corrosion Protection Systems

Take advantage of our expertise to protect ships, assets and humans from damages and harm.

Corrosion can reduce the safety and reliability of ships, components and maritime installations. We support you in protecting your assets.

DNV GL provides a broad service portfolio to ensure reliable coatings and corrosion protection systems.

We provide classification, certification, statutory services and technical support for coating companies, ship owners, yards and service companies.

Our services include:

  • Approval of cathodic corrosion protection through impressed current systems or sacrificial anodes
  • Certification of coating systems, mainly for ballast water tanks but also for other areas like cargo tank coatings
  • Approval and inspection of corrosion protection systems and corrosion protection application procedures
  • Investigation of damages
  • Laboratory tests for the testing of coating systems
  • Technical support for specification of corrosion protection systems and compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • Tailored training in the field of materials and coating

DNV GL approval is recognised worldwide and assures:

  • Dependable proof that you are effectively protecting your assets
  • High-performing maritime structures
  • Compliance with all relevant rules and standards
  • Integrated services that deliver solutions tailored to your requirements

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