Energy efficiency excellence

Energy Management Advisory

We use advanced analytics to identify the best suitable operational, managerial and technical measures for a fuel- efficient fleet.

Current and future regulations, as well as the need to reduce operational costs, are forcing ship owners and yards to take action. The highly competitive market environment remains the key driver.

Our advisory experts have developed methods and tools to meet these challenges. Our approach is geared towards ship owners, managers and operators. It provides the leverage you need to be effective in a competitive market.

Our energy efficiency excellence services:

When it comes to newbuildings, our energy efficiency excellence service covers market and trade analysis to help you determine your vessel’s mission and operational profiles as the basis for the design. Furthermore, our service offers transport system design, which supports you in setting up an efficient transport chain.

For retrofitting existing fleets, we provide quick fleet screenings that allow us to identify potential retrofit candidates.

To optimise the performance of ships in operation, we support you in establishing effective energy management. Our modular approach considers your company’s specific needs to ensure that you gain the highest benefit from technical, operational or managerial measures.

Our experts also support you in meeting current and future regulations with evolving demands regarding ISO standards, energy management systems and reporting requirements.

Energy efficiency excellence with DNV GL gives you:

  • Higher cost savings by reducing your bunker costs and operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Increased attractiveness for the charter and freight markets
  • Compliance with existing and upcoming regulations
  • Transparency for effective performance management
  • Implementation support and change management

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