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Environmental Risk Analysis

Environmental Risk Analysis

Attain insight in the environmental risks of your operations and facility and ensure that your installation meets the SEVESO III laws and regulations.

Companies which fall under the SEVESO III directive on major accidents are to execute an environmental risk analysis when applying for a (water)permit. An environmental risk analysis determines the chance of unforeseen discharges to the surface water and the effect of these discharges on the aquatic environment. 

Analysis and further insights
Quantifying the risks of your facility and operations starts with an analysis of the current status of the safety techniques. After this analysis, the substances and installations that could pose a risk to the surface water are selected. The selected substances and installations will be modelled using the Proteus model (for Dutch situations) or similar European models. The model quantifies the risks of various calamities such as leaks, failure of transfer links and the failure of storage tanks. These risks are indexed in negligible, acceptable or increased risks. Potential increased risks are to be analysed in further depth.

An environmental risk analysis provides insights on:

  • The presence and quantity of substances which pose a risk to the surface water
  • The location of these substances and how these might be discharged to the surface water
  • The risk of potential discharges and their environmental consequence
  • Which measures you can take to control, mitigate and reduce calamities, discharges and their environmental consequences

The insights of an environmental risk analysis can be used to convince the competent authorities that your operations fit within the applicable laws and regulations.

Our knowledge and experience at your service
DNV GL has extensive experience with composing environmental risk analyses for various types of installations such as yours. Additionally, DNV GL is actively involved in establishing future reference frameworks and their modelling and we have extensive experience in working with competent authorities. You can therefore rely on us to ensure your environmental risk analysis is correct and future-proof.

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