European Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8

Will you be compliant by December 2019? MEET8, our new online tool takes the stress out of Article 8 compliance!

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EU Energy Directive

What is Article 8?
Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU (EU EED), which has been transposed into national legislation in all EU Member States, requires large enterprises (non-SMEs) to comply with the energy audit obligation.

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Are you affected?

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Figuring out whether the audit obligation applies to your company and then reaching compliance can be a difficult process, especially for multinationals. Member States have different interpretations of a large company and who’s affected by Article 8. A few examples:

  • Some Member States follow the European rules on consolidation of data (number of employees and financial data) to determine whether a company is a non-SME, whereas others don’t require any consolidation at all or only within national borders.
  • Some Member States require a small office belonging to an international company to do an energy audit, whereas others don’t.
  • Some Member States allow sampling or only auditing part of your energy consumption.
  • The requirements for the auditors and the energy audits are different across Member States.

Multinationals are required to comply with the legislative requirements of every Member State they operate in, which causes them to struggle with compliance, losing time and getting penalised for not complying with legislation.

The clock is ticking
The deadline for compliance is 5 December 2019 in most countries. To reach this, you need to submit (or have available) an energy audit report that meets all national requirements.

Why should I have a compliance plan?

  • Save up to 80% on energy audit costs.
  • Reach compliance faster.
  • Avoid penalties and reputation damage for non-compliance.

Why should I use the online platform MEET8?

  • No more emails back and forth about confidential information.
  • Monitor the progress of data collection.
  • Speed up: with the approaching deadline, there’s no time to waste.
    • Faster data collection.
    • Faster report generation.
  • Save time: set up your company in less than an hour.
    • Let the platform do the rest.
    • Avoid weeks of emailing back and forth for input data.
    • Avoid weeks of checking legislation in local languages, we’ve done that for you.
    • Avoid days of analysing numbers to compile your compliance plan.
  • Reduced compliance plan costs

Planning is key
DNV GL can develop a compliance plan, telling you which audits you must do and providing relevant information such as:

  • Consolidation rules
  • Auditor requirements
  • Audit requirements
  • Deadlines
  • Penalties

A compliance plan can save up to 80% of the energy audit costs through sampling techniques. Using our auditors’ experience, we select the most relevant locations so that you’ll get most value from your energy audits at the lowest cost.

An online platform to make your life easier
We’ve been delivering compliance plans to our customers since Article 8 of the EU EED was published. Through our experience, we’ve come to understand that collecting the information required for the compliance plan, such as turnover and number of employees, is often a time-consuming process with a lot of email traffic and sensitive data communicated within your organisation.

To overcome this, DNV GL has developed an online platform MEET8. This platform allows you to assign responsibilities to people within your organisation to make data collection more efficient and reduce the risks associated with confidential data.

  • MEET8 can generate your compliance plan, which allows you to access it quickly and at a reduced cost. With the approaching deadline, there’s no time to waste.
  • If you’re interested in additional expert advice, DNV GL can use the information on the platform, eliminating the need for additional data collection or communication of sensitive data by email.
  • You can easily update your information on the platform to understand how changes in your organisation impact your compliance plan.
  • When legislation changes, DNV GL will inform you about the impact on your compliance plan.

Can I still get my compliance plan without using the online platform?
Of course, Some of our customers still opt for our traditional service without the online platform. A solution that has already proven its success: all our customers were fully compliant in the first audit wave in 2015.

Please contact us! We’ll talk you through the requirements of article 8 and identify the solution that best fits your needs.

MEET8 will save you a lot of time, effort, stress and penalties!

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